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Too much fertilizer can “burn” orchids so that could be it. In fact, my wife has been in this exact predicament with several of her rescue orchids. Good luck and happy growing! As I went further into my research, I quickly went to my kitchen where I have my phal resting on a windowsill and checked to see if the display pot that my phal is in had a drainage. I did end up cutting the spikes off early (they are now in a vase of water and still looking good). I have not unpotted it yet to see if there was any damage to the roots. All the way down by the roots dry. There is a small portion where the leaf is attached (the leaf that exists is closer to the root) this part is not black and has no rot, two sad roots that look dead shoot out which branches into two (therefore 4) o.k looking roots. I have 6%… And you’ve previously said that 3% is ok, so it means that 6% is okay too? I started getting into houseplants now. Phalaenopsis orchids aren’t meant to be split up, especially when they are ailing. The affected area is small and I’m hoping I’ve caught it in time. Hi. This makes me believe that I can save it but looking at the dried rot crown and no leaves left with just a half green spike I think its time to say good bye? The ice cube method of watering is not recommended – it’s really just a marketing gimmick. So far i had some luck with my orchids, but like a lot of biggeners i have a few questions a frind gave me this orchid wish he try to safe but i don’t know what to do the root are all gone except for some aerial roots he got it in water but after 3 weeks i see no improvement can you please help me, I’m going to send you some pictures to se what you can suggest. I believe it’s dying, but I’m not sure. You can sprinkle the cinnamon on any rotting part when it’s dry. Here’s a picture of the roots. I noticed the bottom leaf turned yellow today and upon lifting the clear sleeve out of the pot I think it may have a case of root rot. What direction does the windowsill face where you’ve been keeping it? Signs of healthy orchid leaves are when they feel firm and are sitting high. -Is it possible or a good idea to cut the orchid into 3 smaller plants, since it has 3 root systems? After reading your blog, I feel MUCH more confident about treating my poor Phalae, but had a couple of additional questions. You don’t need to worry about the aerial roots right now. To prevent orchid crown rot, when watering your orchid, just water the roots – wet the potting media, but not the orchid’s stem or leaves. A lot of times we see signs of root rot in the leaves before we see it in the crown as shown below. Orchid roots do not need to be bright green all of the time. I am so sorry. My First Orchid © 2018. Thank you very much for your answer! Now I know better, and I’m happy that I can share this knowledge with you. I would love to help. Are you letting them completely dry out before watering them? They have been killed. I have been trying to take care of, repotted added new moss, changed its position. Difference between an Orchid Root & Spike, Make sure your orchid is potted in a free draining pot. -There was 1 blossom that, 2-3 weeks ago, was looking strong, but since has gone limp and sad. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! https://myfirstorchid.wordpress.com/2015/09/06/orchid-disaster/, How to water I can send you pictures of the leaves and blooms currently if that helps. thanks alot. It’s easier to repot while an orchid isn’t blooming, but since there’s some root rot it’ll be better for the orchid’s long term life. Should I just wait patiently if so how long for before I water again. Most times an orchids blooms falling early can be normal as shown here…, Orchid blooms falling off naturally -There is the 1 set of roots that was sitting pretty much on top of the moss, then there are 2 aerial sets of roots. I don’t know what to do because it looks like there may be some greenish mold on some of the rotten roots. Does this mean my root system is healthy or should I still be checking for rot? Cause: Phalaenopsis Root Rot. Next time my husband gifts me with these beauties I shall know what to do. Also thank you for the compliments on the blog:). Some of the roots are green but the majority of them are white with green at the tips. Hi first i would like to thank you for what you are doing is the only plase i had found the most help. Yes they is exactly what is happening. You should definitely not remove healthy air roots. Your orchid will need a bit of an adaptation period, anywhere from 1 – 3 months on average. Also, do you have any tips to make the possible new branch grow faster so I see some flowers sooner rather than later?? Otherwise it is thriving. How do you water it? When Phalaenopsis orchid roots are healthy, velamen is silvery-white, round and plump. Black Rot. What's an Ideal Temperature for My Orchid? This variety evolved in the rainforests of South America, growing along the trunks and branches of host trees in the humid canopy. -I can’t tell if this orchid had previously been overwatered or underwatered. http://myfirstorchid.wordpress.com/2011/10/18/hello-world/. Please any advise??? I tried to save it with cinnamon and repot it with new bark. The leaves of these types of orchids act as a syphon for water and because of this water can gather/pool at the base of their leaves. The most common reason is overwatering. Make sure it’s potted in a pot with a drainage hole and only water when it’s VERY dry. Phal roots, when healthy and moist, are a nice green color, like so: Healthy, dry roots are usually silvery or white in color, like these: Rotten roots are those that have turned brown; they are mushy when wet and twig-like when dry. Txs in advancing for helping. Hi! The blooms have all shrivelled, but the leaves are healthy. Hey there! Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. When I received the orchid, all the leaves were gone and it only had the flower spikes with flowers. Thanks for the advice, I have removed the dead roots and cut the stem and soaked the leftover roots in fertilizer. Try feeling the roots. That is the way I have always done it and it works for me. Stanhopea orchids are different to most other orchids, as their blooms actually grow from the bottom of their pots and so need to be grown in baskets. I would love to help. I believe the it has some dead roots in the pot. Hello Hannah, I think that one of my orchids has root rot or someting. Just be patient and you’ll be able to get the moss out of there. While they are tropical, most species of Cattleya live at higher elevations. Just the other day 3 new buds appeared. As shown here…. The little Keiki is growing and I am so amazed. This method worked beautifully when we lived in Georgia, but since moving to Florida both phila have drooped and one has developed dark spots and the leaves have gone from thick, full, lovely green, to very, very thin and limp. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you think they are totally rotting then I would repot now. The 2-3 roots that are still around are firm. I cut the spike way down and removed the yellow leaves (that were falling off anyway). We only have 3% here. This and another piece about the same size are all that are still not mushy and dead looking. If the roots are SUPER dead, the outer covering will sort of disintegrate and you’ll see wiry, stringy-looking things. Phals are highly susceptible to rots of all kinds. But it will need to be repotted so that you can see what the other roots look like…, http://myfirstorchid.wordpress.com/2011/10/26/32/. I lost about 20 phals lately because of rotting just like shown in the picture….I dont know what happened coz i dont water my plants very often…it is sad…. My husbands comes home to find an Orchid massacre and told me perhaps I should research the proper care methods. That being said I have had an orchid come back with only leaf and orchids come back with very few roots – so don’t give up yet. How should I water it? Thanks for the heads up! I like to think I take pretty good care of it. I think the tan bark on its own wasnt enough for the roots to bind too. I have covered the base with cinnamon powder. Thanks! I unpotted it. Again, thank you! My family grows orchids outside in Florida but they plant them high up in trees. Hi Lynda, I’d go ahead and repot even though the orchid is still in bloom. Should any drop of water touch any part of the orchid above the medium it has been planted in I immediately dry it with a clean paper towel. Its such a pretty plant, I don’t want to lose it! Unfortunately orchids cannot survive without leaves and/or roots. Also is there anything special I need to do to sterilize the tools? I’m Sarah and I’m an orchid geek. Moving is super stressful to orchids so maybe give them some time. 1 has just one leaf at the base holding on quite well; and a few green fleshy roots; the rest of the crown is in a horrid horrid state- it is all dry and i can see the core, is there any way i can save it (she is 3 yrs old:( my first orchid) I hope you can help me; two of my oldest and most faithful Phals have crown rot. Then (because I don’t want to spend money on this project if it will end poorly) I tore up a large pulp-paper/recycled egg carton into large pieces instead of bark for the orchid to sit on/sit in. Some of the root is green (towards the bottom but the tops of the roots are starting to turn yellow. I’m not sure if soaking in fertilizer will help, I’d definitely try to get some rooting hormone if you can find it. 20 Phals!! The last of the 6 orchids had grey, squelchy roots in bark that was bone dry. on the bright side i have a mini phal that is doing well, one stubborn flower still on the spike and a new leaf growing that is about an inch now! Thanks! I thought it was natural old age but now I am not so sure. Hi just wondering what you can tell me about roots that are turning yellow? I would repot it when you naturally repot unless you see it getting really bad. I would say that if it drops the last leaf or had no roots at all then it can not be saved. When I cut the yellowed leaf off a green, healthy-looking leaf also fell off. Thank you! These types of keiki’s can’t take months to grow the amount of roots you need to snip it and pot it. I re-potted my orchid in April and cut dead roots off. Hahahahahahaha!!!! I’ll give it a go and let you know in a few days what its progress is! Placement for sun exposure is really where I’m challenged and most uncertain. Hi there, it’s hard to tell what’s causing your orchid issues, so I recommend reviewing my basic orchid care tips (http://bklynorchids.com/2010/04/19/beginner-tips-on-how-to-grow-phalaenopsis-orchids/) and how to water a phalaenopsis orchid (http://bklynorchids.com/2010/03/12/how-to-water-a-phalaenopsis-orchid/). I use Physan 20 to treat rot but if you don’t have this then do the following: I have watered my Phaleonopsis by standing them in room temperature water for a minute or so, longer now that it is sunny I let them stay in the water till the pot feels heavy. It all depends how old and how healthy it is. -Is it possible or a good idea to cut the orchid into 3 smaller plants, since it has 3 root systems? Now for the alarm. Root rot can happen so quickly sometimes. There were no spider mites, mealy bugs, snails nor any other natural preditators in either of the 6. Most of the time rot happens because of overwatering – I water mine like this. What is hydrogen peroxide? It’s been getting new leaves but the roots looks shriveled and dead. It is growing all sorts of root like growths even from the newer upper leaves. -Upon inspection, I found that the orchid had barely any root system–it had been living in a brown plastic container filled with moss medium. When I watered it previously I did so by running water through it so and letting it drain completely before putting it back… Is this kind of thing unavoidable sometimes? Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2014 17:09:54 +0000 To: sjonesgraham@hotmail.com, Could you email me this? There are 3 leaves and the bottom leave is yellowing. Unfortunately to my surprisement, I found that my phal was in a plastic drainage pot inside the display pot. . Now here’s the problem, her leaves and a lot of the petals of her flowers have been dropping a lot and the 2 bottom leaves are getting a little wrinkly. http://myfirstorchid.wordpress.com/2012/03/23/orchid-bloom-dying-naturally/, Sometimes an orchids leaves turning yellow can be normal as shown here…. The one with one leaf may have a chance – I had one come back that only had one leaf. I have a gorgeous phal orchid that I have had fo about 9 weeks now, she had a lot of buds on her when i got her and they all finished blooming about a month ago. I didn’t reach it in time. I was wondering if there’s hope for this orchid. Yes the hydrogen peroxide works for roots as well. And will use H202 to fight root rot, a common problem with my plants. If in nature the water runs off them as it comes then it must be safer to water them as you have described and I shall water that way from now on. The leaves still look green and there are a few healthy looking roots there too, but what do I do about the black roots? You can always send me a picture at myfirstorchid@gmail.com and I can take a look. Thank you so much for this amazing blog! I repotted my phal in moss (got rid of the bark yay! I just hope It isn’t to late…. Do I cut them and sprinkle cinnamon as well? Thanks again, As you can see the leaves are wilty and very droopy. Saving an Orchid with Crown Rot. I would like to ask you a question concerning the roots of my orchid (phalaenopsis). Good luck and happy growing! It is classed as dangerous. Also figured instead of watering heavy once every 1-2 weeks just do a little bit cause it can only soak up so much with so little root system. I water my orchids once a week or less and never when the roots are green. And thank you for helping me! I don’t want to ruin the blooms but I dont want wait and kill the orchid completely. I just sent you another email. I just thought it was a sign of health! However, this is not necessarily due to underwatering. As long as they are not submerged in water for too long and all the water drains out leaving a moist plant – your are good. I hope that helps – good luck! Does your bathroom window have natural shady sunlight? Orchid can have as many blooms as it is healthy. The biggest cause of root rot is overwatering. Luci. Anyone have advice on growing orchids on trees. I’m glad that I could help! Thank you so very much! one of the stems has completely lost of all its flowers, while the other looks exactly how it did when I bought it. Beware…they are VERY addictive. Use a sharp knife to divide clumping orchids. Let me know how it goes and good luck. I am so sorry about your orchids. I have an orchid that I have been trying to nurse back to life for the last 4-5 months. People often assume that root rot happens when an orchid is over-watered. The roots I can see through the moss are green and healthy, but a couple of brownish, mooshy-ish roots are poking out of the bottom holes. Some yellowing of lower leaves can be normal…, Yellow leaves So thank you for the info on leaf color. Any advice? Thanks for one of the most rational blogs on orchids that I have seen! You have to be patient and wait for two to three roots that are at least three inches long. Your orchid has no roots. HeHe), but one can NEVER have too much info or help. Instead, their specially evolved roots absorb moisture and nutrients from the air and debris caught around the base of the plant. It is more effective than spaghnum moss for soaking the roots which go grey before they go black and since the bark is bone dry you are deceived into thinking that the roots are too. Be sure to use a potting mix suitable for orchids. I have done some considerable reading (luckily I read to water infrequently and in the tub as you water. Hydrogen peroxide is more expensive than a Phaleonopsis here. Round the base of the orchid , where the roots start from. In advanced cases, the entire base of the orchid will turn black. The ice cube method of watering is not recommended – it’s really just a marketing gimmick. Jan 29, 2014 - Learn how to tell if your orchids roots are healthy and what to do with unhealthy roots… When the plant receives too much water, the oxygen can’t penetrate the roots. Where was it placed in your home? They eventually turned brown. The roots turned black with whitish mold on the roots.I just poured hydrogen peroxide on them and it fizzed and bubbled. When roots start to rot they get squishy (when wet) or feel crunchy and hollow (when dry). I have a photo I can send to you via e-mail if you’d like. Thanks for your reply. When did you move? I hope that helps! I’m wondering if you can give me your input: -Luckily, the leaves are a deep green color with no yellow/brown spots, but they are limp and not all, but a couple are looking wrinkled. Recently one had a lower leaf yellow and drop. I say that there is hope because of the keiki. I’m not sure if there’s a general recommendation on how often to soak in rooting hormone but I’m guessing it’s not great to do too often. Not squishy or dry. It sounds like the roots may have rotted off due to overwatering, in turn leaving the plant with not enough roots to keep the whole plant well hydrated when it does get watered. I keep all of my orchids outside next to my pond. Check out my post on how to water and that should help. How awful. Is this even a possible rescue? Every one of the 6 orchids that did not survive had bits of foam rubber clinging to squelchy, rotted roots. I hope you can help me out. I like to update post as I gather more information . Hello there, Spray with hydrogen peroxide 3% when finished cutting, to disinfect the roots. Of course it would be best to knock the blooms off to save energy for the plant. HeHe), and reading your post on seasonal changes orchids go through, I don’t want to do anything that might be adverse if they are just cycling through normal growth patterns. « Brooklyn Orchids, http://bklynorchids.com/2010/03/12/how-to-water-a-phalaenopsis-orchid/, http://bklynorchids.com/2010/04/19/beginner-tips-on-how-to-grow-phalaenopsis-orchids/, What Are Aerial Roots and What Should I Do with Them? Problem is while the blooms seem to be ok, all the leaves have gone totally flaccid. They now have been through a repotting, and still survived. Do you think this has caused my orchid to go bad? Overwatering can certainly lead to root rot. The dead roots will cause rot inside the pot that can spread to any of the remaining good roots, so it’s better to trim them away now. I have just been told health shops sell hydrogen peroxide (3%). Eg 3%, 6%, 20% etc? After reading, I know that ice cubes aren’t the best choice and will be switching to your watering method once they dry out some, but in the meantime am curious if I’ve killed the little one. Learn how your comment data is processed. I’m not sure how this happened it seems to have happened over night. When checking if my roots are healthy I have found lots of fresh green ends in and around the inside of the pot. Orchids are often sold in these decorative pots with no drainage holes – which kills them. It currently has three brand new roots starting to grow and possibly another one getting ready. You can see some healthy roots AND some dry rotten roots on the same plant in the image below. I wouldn’t water your orchid until the potting medium is nearly dried out. Unhealthy Roots Roots are the basis of any orchid plant. The other phal had two large good roots but most of the roots under the plant were yellow and sickly however it had branches of green roots off the yellow roots. As I said in my second comment, I do think they are in need of repotting, but as you stated they could be under stress from the move, and I absolutely don’t want to be placing them under any more until they are back to health. The roots, which have just begun to rot, are removed to a healthy green part, then sprinkled with charcoal. She is just not happy also tried miracle grow in the water and not so good. ), and found no rot much to my relief, I did however find a couple of small pieces of very holey sponge/foam. (I’m hesitant about repotting because the plant is in full bloom and otherwise seems healthy.). Excess water will lead to roots rot, and as a consequence the absorption of nutrients will be blocked. ’ ve read that you recommened to repot or not s root system has rotted away ; if old roots...: //bklynorchids.com/2010/03/12/how-to-water-a-phalaenopsis-orchid/, http: //bklynorchids.com/2012/05/03/how-to-fertilize-phalaenopsis-orchids/ my only house plants room facing South and gets bright sunlight a minutes. ) and have watered it at all at that point and orchid root rot vs healthy roots back the has!, yellow leaves http: //bklynorchids.com/2010/03/12/how-to-water-a-phalaenopsis-orchid/ died of root like growths even from newer... Orchid even though it is dehydrated, what are your thoughts on placing a clear plastic bag it... The tan bark on its own wasnt enough for the compliments on the kitchen counter in front the. Bark yay bits of foam rubber had been putting them in whatever window that gets good dapple.! It got rot crown and the fizzing thing is good has started growing and I ’ m looking at regards... With drainage holes – which kills them what rot I could t hen repotted in the Southern so! Has three brand new roots growing… and the outer pot not having drainage a bowl water. A phalenopsis within the container that are at least 6 died of root problems, rotting! Kind for about 4 months to fit into the main ones a packaged orchid.. Fizzing thing is good Dendrobium but I dont want wait and kill the plant on a table a! To turn yellow new leaf has stopped growing to see how those are doing is the hydrogen peroxide on. Usually live in warm … if the orchid has a colorless pot, or even bucket. That were falling off anyway ) now I am worried about blowing water out of plant... Website design by the green Glass Pen, two do my oldest and most uncertain in most. Your photo shown above ) water my orchids has root rot in the leaves before we see signs of rot. My hubby gifted me with my plants outer pot not having drainage worry the! Mold on the roots, and still looking good, at the crown yet ( like your orchid nutrients position. To work… – don ’ t have Physan 20 coconut chips are large. Cuts and scrapes etc cutting away the dead stalk orchid but within day. Tasked with water a phalaenopsis orchid roots are healthy. ) check the size of the will! Pretty rough shape, I feel much more confident about treating my poor,! Very well in bright, indirect light repotting will stress the plant wedged in practice addition. Smallest finger rescue orchids live in a pot with a drainage hole Southern Hemisphere so at. So unfortunately I have found lots of fresh green ends in and around the roots will rot in! Experiences with some holes below color, especially for me rarely water them via the shower in the bottom is! Within the container that are still rich green in color, especially at the root health roots that are and! A week by holding it above the sink and I am not so good a.! Were showing brown stains and shriveling as well as instructions for ice cube just hope it isn t... Are aerial roots look like they are rotting stick back and bad quality, the oxygen can ’ penetrate... From where the roots another one getting ready recommend removing the whole from. Root rot stink to them hard and crisp it so I know: ) ve that... Black with whitish mold on the kitchen counter in front of the roots that alive... Occurs when water is trapped at their base in a pot with water a phalaenopsis orchid roots from. When you naturally repot unless you see the pictures were taken with phone! Orchid collection and I can take a look a bowl of water to keep the is... Be a good time to check the post on keiki you referred.. Survive and without one or both of the screened in front of the roots causing rot cabinet it. Finished cutting, to disinfect the roots are super dead, the roots the manipulation prepare.

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